Taobao order!!!

The order is finished and I am just waiting for the shipping cost. So everyone that was in on this put money aside so we can get the order as soon as possible.

Bodyline order?

I need a white dress and looks like no one will sell me one on comm sales so I will just get one from Bodyline. Anyone else want to get something. I dont want to pay $20 shipping just for one dress.

Guro for acen

So for acen im going to have a Guro lolita outfit but I have NEVER even tried guro so I have jack for it. Im trying to find a cheap White OP, JSK, or apron to stain up for guro but no luck. I have looked everywhere and I cant find anything sept on taobao but I dont have time for that now.
I might just try to make a apron and wear my Pink AP jsk under. But I dont know how well I can sew with my knee, and im terrible at sewing with my left leg.
I forgot about shoes! Ugh the only flats I have are pink and blue, my white rhs and my red shoes are platform/high heals. No way those are crutches friendly. I need flats.

Anyone ever made a apron before? Is it easy, how long does it take? Or does anyone have anything I mentioned I needed and want to sell/lend me (white apron, jsk, op or already guro dress or apron)(maybe shoes too) ?

Damn I just thought of something. Since I have my natural hair back, I should cosplay as Pocahontas. That was my nickname when I was little and I have pocahontas everything. Bahh my fucking knee. This would be perfect and sense Im on such a tight budget it would be perfect. Maybe I can still do it and pretend I fell out of a tree. ahaha She was always doing shit you should do unless you wanted to fall and die XD.

Can I crawl in a hole for a while?

I want to crawl in a hole until he is out of office. There are many words I can say and rant. but im to pissed to deal now so im just gonna take maya on a walk to try and calm down, maybe rant later.

This day really sucks, from the beginning when I woke up.

Yay sickness

Im sick, My nose litterally dipped a huge snot puddle last night when I sat up. I have finals mon-wed. I already fucked up my japanese oral by being sick and not able to process english let alone japanese. Also I have to still sew that Xmas JSK for the bronners meet and buy my gift for the secret santa. I havnt studied one bit this whole weekend because all I want to do is sleep, stair off into space and blow my nose, and my friends dog was hit by a car and I liked him a lot so im sad over that. Bah wtf eveyr finals its something T_T I need a miracle.
Right when I got up and in a less of a daze to study for my japanese written exam tomorrow my mom decides to tell me that she isnt going to get me that thera flue she said she was gonna a few hours ago, last fucking minute so I have to drag my sick ass to go down the street to get it. WTF! This shit better work like it did last time I need it. Im so fucked for finals. I have NO room to mess up on these exams for any class. I hope tomorrow EMU is closed but I doubt it because they never close and Harada sensei never missed class. EVER! in the past 2 years she missed once because he car was stuck.

Bah Bah bitch bitch im sick. And I need to shower like no other ahaha.